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#TBT The Citizen Chrono Master - A well used Solution to King SeikoToday, on #TBT, we'll continue to expose vintage Citizen to be a real potential for collectors. This time around, though, we'll step from tool replica watches like divers or chronographs and go the stylish route having a look at a dress watch. The 1960's Citizen Chrono Master is a watch worth discussing, in particular when well-built precision Japanese replica watches are of interest.Every time we discuss Citizen, there is no way not forgetting the brand's arch-rival: Seiko. The 2 companies went tit for tat throughout the 1960's and 70's to the issue that a number of the replica watches are indiscernible from 5-10 meters of distance. Harken back to our article on the Citizen Uni, a lightweight diver through the 1960s, that's so near the coast looks and specs towards the Seiko Silver Wave it's scary. Today's Citizen Chrono Master is another situation of the brands going neck and neck considering that the Chrono Master line is certainly Citizen's solution to King and/or Grand Seiko.As usual, researching vintage Citizen is a little quite a job. Old forum sales ads, WRUW postings and Instagram often provide most of the detail available in English, making sure that results in tough sledding. Thankfully, there is a couple enthusiastic sites out there that will their finest to detail these lovely replica watches so i need to thank the Sweep Hand site for his or her information about the Citizen Chrono Master.From things i could see in the site referenced above and from piecing together other patches of knowledge, the Citizen Chrono Master line has been around since 1967. While today's piece is produced by 1968, it really is, in truth, a good example of the very first Chrono Master that had been released. Listed as reference H00S-3002-Y, the model is interesting because, despite its name, it's not a chronometer rated watch. Strangely, the brand offered a identical, but pricier, version together with the COSC specification that adds "Chronometer" on the dial. Still, it's lovely so that as we are into the detail, we'll observe that the Citizen is usually a worthy rival to Seiko's offerings, but that it can fall somewhat short overall.In the beginning, the Citizen Chrono Master is removed as an attractive enough dress watch, but I wouldn't fault anyone for passing it well as somewhat anonymous. As is also the truth for therefore many vintage Japanese replica watches, it does not take details that actually count and this is the place that the Citizen scores. With a stainless the event of nearly 37mm (lug to lug is 48mm) plus a lug width of 18mm, the Citizen sits within the sweet spot of highly wearable dress replica watches which can be adequate to thrill most advanced wearers. The watch contains a thick, bevelled mineral glass crystal that literally brings its thickness approximately 12.5mm. Again, it's really a comfortable watch containing not an issue in fitting underneath a shirtsleeve.Let's spend another on the case kind of the Citizen Chrono Master. Contrary, it's notable because of not being notable and this likely explains a modicum of why Citizens with this ilk lag their Seiko counterparts regarding popularity and price. Whereas Seiko either created a huge problem (or, likely, has since developed a problem) about its so-called "Grammar of Design" styling language, Citizens were designed much more pragmatically. I wouldn't quite contact them "me too" designs nevertheless there is some nice twisting for the lugs and the polishing is of a advanced, there is however undoubtedly that they can don't have the finery and detailing entirely on Grand or even King Seiko's. Although this model posseses an unsigned crown - the truth is - later models only received a typical "CTZ" version. It's as though Citizen would be a bit undecided about going whole-hog in to the Chrono Master line, didn't quite possess the resources, or felt their efforts were suitable. At any rate, this can be a lovely watch, yet it's simply not nearly as distinctive because the upscale Seiko's almost daily.Going deeper, the Citizen Chrono Master employs a silvery white dial with little ornamentation. The Citizen logo is used, as they are an eagle above 6:00. Within a loupe, these accoutrements, combined with applied hour markers show if you're an of precision which will come in just underneath the level of quality of Seiko watches . However, the Citizen is wonderfully executed and bests much of the mainstream Swiss stuff with the era. breitling colt automatic Here we are at both your hands and hour markers, and then comparing the watch for the competitor, the King Seiko 45-7001, it's absolutely impossible never to experience the nearly identical design traits . The black inlays on the hands and markers are stylistically similar similar to the applied logos; the printed black hash marks for the minute track are alike.Inside this Citizen Chrono Master, look for the 0920 caliber, which is a manual wind (yay!), 22-jewel movement better than for a leisurely 18,000 bph. It keeps fun time, but it is really nothing special in comparison to the hi-beat movements from Seiko that had been released immediately after. Still, the movements were apparently finished and adjusted to your higher standard versus other Citizens that used this longstanding caliber. It's actually a smooth movement to wind and certainly provides that a sense daily interaction with one's watch.Flipping the Citizen Chrono Master over reveals what might be its most charming characteristic. Yes, just like Seiko, Citizen decide to adorn a few of its case backs with the intricate gold logo. In truth, this is the one area where Citizen firmly has Seiko beat with regard to execution - you can see the 2 alongside each other above. You can observe this eagle of sorts on the Chrono Master that, admittedly, looks a bit like the German coat of arms, yet it's a neat feature that lets you know you're handling something special - at least Citizen thought so!I came upon this Citizen Chrono Master purely in error. Literally, a pal shipped the watch along with some other pieces I aquired and yes it was used to ship to some other person! I knew who had been designed to receive and i also contacted him must if he was serious about selling it - and the answer was yes. Chrono Masters honestly have slowly begun to gain in popularity, but they're still largely collected by those people who are deeply into either Citizen or vintage Japanese replica watches in general. Plus, nearly all are still in Japan, to make sure they do not show standing on Western forums frequently. Versus a great King Seiko that might cost somewhere around $700 if not more, a Chrono Master just like it is usually a relatively bargain in the $300-400 range. This one is incorporated in the style of condition that speaks of very light wear or no. Much like normal with replica watches of this age, check out water ingress knowning that all the cosmetic parts are original. Service wise deepsea rolex , I'd assume they're not too difficult to fix and 0920 caliber movements needs to be no problem finding in lesser donor replica watches. Overall, this should make for a straightforward piece to reside in with.As i have said, the Citizen Chrono Master probably won't strike you as unique as being a King Seiko, however it is an attractively crafted watch with many well-executed details. As I also referenced, a bit this way easily keeps pace with one of the big Swiss brands in the period when considering the finishing and overall package. Stay tuned in, our coverage of vintage Citizen only has just begun.